Part Marking

Automator was founded in 1940 by Maurizio Barcilon, and since then, for over 65 years, has always been dedicated with passion and professionalism to the industrial marking. The idea of the founder was that everyone, sooner or later, should have understood the importance of marking and so will become customers of Automator!




Laser technology sets at the top of the marking food chainwith the highest marking inquality and flexibility that you can experience. It is used for industrial marking, marking codes such as Datamatrix or QR-Code, tracking products but also for highly aesthetic markings that can improve or beautify the product while adding a permanent mark.

Automator new product development team has developed systems that exceed the market’s needs:

Te most powerful active fiber laser marker: FYBRA 22-33-54W

The Compact, “all-in-one-box” VIS™ allows for the laser to was easily mobile with a vulnerable fiber making it perfect end of Robot and in-line applications.

The nanoVIS™ uses our A-Wave™ technology that allows for an extremely low entry price.

Our innovative  A-Wave™ innovatively improves the “power-to-the-part” allowing lower cost systems to out perform systems sold for twice the price.

Three are the big laser families:

  • class 1 lasers
  • lasers for integration ( Class 4)
  • handheld lasers



Couple with any of our wide variety of marking heads, the Automator dot peen marking technology reached the ultimate in capabilities and intuitive simplicity with revolutionary AC500 Universal controller.  Linux based, proprietary Automator software package includes features as standard that the competition sells as upgrades. Using the touch screen interface, you can set up any marking pattern with serial number, date codes, shift codes, 2D codes and over 300 features.  It comes standard with TCPIP, Serial communication and discrete I/O. We also offer enhanced communications protocols:  implicit EtherNet/IP (Ethernet Industrial Protocol), ProfiNet and several others.

With 5 different dot peen marking heads in three marking modes Automator dot peen covers all marking needs on any material and surface You want to mark

  • benchtop marking systems
  • inline marking systems
  • handheld marking systems



Impact  is the first, oldest technology in marking, the quickest and cost effective. Innovative in the latest laser and computerized marking technology, Automator never abandoned the production of these pure, mechanical machines since 1940.

Suitable also for marking, riveting, inserting, caulking, impact machines are ideal for marking text and numbers on flat surfaces on a wide variety of materials.

Regular marks even on irregular shaped workpieces, impact power can be easily adjusted: marking is achieved by compressing and releasing a spring loaded ram

The big distinction in this marking family is the way they work

  • manual machines
  • pneumatic machines
  • pneumatic units


With rolling marking technology, you mark, identify, numbers a variety of round parts, such as flanges, fire extinguishers, gears, tubes, and many others.

Marking is done by the marking head slides against marking the part as it is forced to roll.

To help in choosing the right machine according to the needs, we have classified the systems in relation to the diameters they can mark:

  • family for small diameters
  • family for medium diameters
  • family for big diameters
  • for integration
  • for continuous


  • High quality technology, for direct part marking, fast and noiseless, the AUTOMATOR ASM heavy duty scribe (scratch) represents the easiest to use industrial scribe marker available today.
  • Designed for deep, quit, fast marking of VIN and serial numbers the ASM produces continues, fully formed scribe marks with minimal sound. Cost effective systems, designed for longevity and durability in industrial environments
  • Through a carbide or diamond tipped stylus - dragged along the surface - the scribe system is capable of generating deep, fully formed marks with high quality continuous line and very low noise levels on a wide variety of surfaces and materials, from plastics to steel.


Since 1960 Automator has been manufacturing manual and pneumatic presses, ideal for pressing, riveting, bending, inserting and caulking operations.

Designed for longevity and durability in industrial environments

Two main families:

  • manual presses
  • pneumatic presses


Compact for an easy integration in production lines, MB21UE pneumatic model is:

  • equipped with double effect cylinder for moving the hot marking mechanism
  • equipped with thermostat to adjust the temperature in relation with the material and the marking time
  • perfect for dry marking and colored marking with a ribbon between the marking head and the surface to be marked



The electrolytic marking is suitable for all materials that are good conductors of electricity. Mainly it is used for marking on stainless steel, steel, aluminum and hard metals.

The marking process is done by the passage of an electric charge at low voltage and low intensity from one electrode to the work piece to be marked. On the surface is set an engraved template, made conductive by a special electrolyte liquid. The electrochemical action causes the work piece surface to be marked with the drawing reproduced on the matrix.

The result is a high contrast mark, similar to the laser marking process; although it is entirely manual and a bit messy, it has a very low cost point.

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