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Extol has a unique blend of a human-centered-design (HCD) innovation process, plastic assembly & automation expertise, and additive manufacturing. Put together, this makes us the perfect partner to help you improve the way your plastic products are made.

Leverage our capabilities and expertise to develop high-value applications and transition to production.

We are positioned to serve world-class supply chains and progress the additive manufacturing industry by helping customers develop high-value applications as well as provide technology and automation that will empower a transition to production.

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Digital Development Program

Whether you are not sure where to start, have an idea for a 3D printing application, or have experience launching additive manufacturing applications, let’s work together to make your next application successful.

The Digital Development Program (DDP) is Extol’s proven innovation process to develop high-value applications for 3D printing and transition them to production. Based on Human Centered Design, the DDP is a step-by-step development process that allows for agility and partnership that is required for bringing new innovations to life.

Each manufacturing method (injection molding, extrusion, etc,) has specific requirements for design and manufacturing, and so does additive manufacturing. Additive manufacturing is a cutting-edge technology, and many applications are the first of their kind. This requires attention to the economic value proposition, systems thinking, and manufacturing scalability, which can only be done in partnership.

Here are the steps we take together as we walk through the DDP:

Discover – Understand context and systems and identify opportunities for 3D printing.

Define – Identify the economic value proposition and technical application requirements.

Develop – Design for additive manufacturing, prototype, and validate that the design meets the economic value proposition and application requirements.

Deliver – Prepare to scale and reduce the risk of a new manufacturing process by identifying critical quality characteristics and a plan to control them.

The HP Multi Jet Fusion Process